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Critical Reading for Primary Care – The BJGP/RCGP Toolkit


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Please note that if, as an ST1-2, there are no new EP entries for a month your trainer will inform a PD. Please then immediately make some entries! A further 2 weeks without entries will need a face to face meeting with a PD. A further 2 more without a substantial catch-up will necessitate a trainer/PD/trainee meeting. If this doesn’t lead to immediate improvement then there will be an ARCP referral. As an ST3 this process is shortened and a PD should be informed after 3 weeks.

General Eportfolio advice
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COT patient video consent form


Mandatory evidence evidence sheet
ARCP Guidance ST1-2
ARCP Guidance ST3
WPBA ARCP summary document ST3 or 4
WPBA ARCP summary document ST1 or 2
WSOP inc organisation sign off – March 2016


Applying for less than full-time training

6.56 Trainees will:

• Reflect the same balance of work as their full-time colleagues
• Normally move between posts within rotations on the same basis as a full-time trainee
• Not normally be permitted to engage in any other paid employment whilst in less than full-time training

Maternity Issues for Doctors in Training

Deanery Documents

Deanery Apps Guide

Dignity at work and the management of Harassment and Bullying Policy
Gold Guide
GP ST1 Introduction booklet
Guidelines for Speciality Doctors joining the Performers List

Intra-deanery Transfer Guidance
Intra-deanery Transfer Form
Newly Qualified GPs Appraisal and Revalidation guide
Paternity Leave Guidance
Patient safety policy 2011
Working as a Trainee during pregnancy

The Reflective Practitioner

The reflective practitioner guidance
Summary of The reflective practitioner guidance
Reflective Practice Toolkit


Please document all out of hours shifts and include the length of the shift in title on your eportfolio

Out of Hours care is a contractual issue but also an educational one relating to curriculum statement 7: Care of acutely ill people and Competence 12: Fitness to practise.

The BMA model contract for trainees stipulates a minimum of 72 OOH hours are required in ST3. Trainees are thus paid to provide OOH care at a rate of 1 session per month whilst in General Practice posts, each session lasting 4-6 hours according to the COGPED guidance. For Trainees with 18 months in GP (12 MONTHS AS AN ST3, 6 months as an ST2), this means a minimum of 108 HOURS. EACH EXTRA MONTH REQUIRES ANOTHER 6 HOURS OF OOH TRAINING. OOH requirements are calculated pro rata for less than full time trainees. Each

Trainees with OOH sessions missing from ST1 or ST2 should ensure they are completed before the end of training. Deaneries who accept sessions which have been booked but not completed at the end of training should have mechanisms to ensure these sessions are completed.

The educational supervisor should check that the correct number of OOH sessions have been completed. It is best practice for trainees to upload into their ePortfolio scanned copies of all of their OOH record sheets, signed by their session supervisor, for each session they complete.

Trainees should not write more than one OOH Learning Log type entry per session otherwise this can be misleading regarding the number of sessions completed. It is good practice for the title of the log entry to include the number of OOH hours completed, for clarity. OOH Learning Log entries in ST3 should only cover OOH done in Primary Care posts and should be reflective.

OOH – GPR Evaluation form

OOH – HETV OOH Training Guide

Record of OOH Session Bucks 24-7 Apr18
GPR Amber to Green Confirmation Form Bucks 24-7 Aug2018

Critical Reading
Critical Reading For Primary Care 


Guidelines for OOP and Revalidation
Revalidation Information for Trainees

Equality and Diversity

Veterans Health

ST1 – Induction

GP e-Portfolio for ST1
Holistic Care
Hopes and Fears for ST1

Child Protection

You must provide evidence of Level 3 Child Protection Training by the time you apply for CCT – this is provided by VTS but if you have missed the session you can do the training online: Safeguarding Children Training

Child Protection -basic awareness


Spend a penny booklet (Common Phrases patients might say)
Feedback for Bucks VTS
Form R needs completing prior to each ARCP