About Us

Programme Directors

There are 5 programme directors with different areas of responsibility within the VTS:

Dr Lee Aye
Dr Alex Bates
Dr Rachel Boyce
Dr Tom Davis
Dr Mark Reed

Mark, Alex, Tom, Rachel and Lee are all working GPs and GP Educators. Our aim is that our trainees will complete their training successfully having had enthusiastic and effective teaching throughout their time with us.

They can be contacted on a shared email: bucks.vts@nhs.net

VTS Co-ordinator

Name Email Address Telephone Location
Nilam Prashar nilam.prashar@nhs.net 01494 426015 High Wycombe

Nilam is our administrator and is responsible for co-ordinating the administration of the training scheme.

Thames Valley Deanery AiT Co-Leads

Dr Diptasri Sen
GPST1 Doctor, Bucks VTS
Ph 07475481977

Dr Tiffany Tang
GPST1 Doctor, Reading VTS

Health Education England: Thames Valley

Name Job Title
Barbara Gow barbara.gow@.hee.nhs.uk GP School Manager
Vicky Wynn  victoria.wynn@hee.nhs.uk Recruitment & Assessment Admin, School of General Practice

Out Of Hours

Dr Michael Ip – Bucks 24/7 & Fedbucks GP & Trainee liaison

email address   mkbip16@gmail.com