Tower House Surgery


169 West Wycombe Road
High Wycombe
Bucks, HP12 3AF

T: 01494 526840

Trainer: Dr Peter Lowe

Programme Director: Dr Mark Reed

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Practice Information

Towerhouse Surgery is a long established practice situated in central High Wycombe. We have 4 partners and a salaried assistant, catering for 8,300 patients. We are a stable team providing high quality care to a multiethnic urban community. Our commitment is to high quality patient care delivered by a happy cohesive team. Staff training and development is central to our management approach.

Our extended clinical team includes three Practice nurses and on-site health visitors. Practice nurses run chronic disease clinics.

We all use the computer system. Patient notes are electronic and correspondence is scanned on to the system. We have a practice website ( to facilitate communication between patients and the practice, e.g. for repeat prescriptions.

We have had medical students attached to the practice for two weeks a year. We have a defined induction period of two weeks for new Registrars to meet the staff and learn about how practice systems work.

The Registrars learning style and requirements are identified in this induction period; the curriculum is planned between the Registrar and the Trainer incorporating these factors. The registrar joins in surgeries with all partners during this time. We have a weekly tutorial on a Wednesday morning, usually followed by a joint surgery with Registrar and Trainer (alternating patients).

All members of the practice team are supportive of and involved in GP training.The Registrar has a half day of protected study time, together with a full day of study leave (with the local Registrars day release training group) each week. Out of hours training is done separately from the Practice but we ensure its provision. It is not necessary to live within the Practice area. Initial consultation length is 30 minute appointments, moving gradually to 10 minute appointments by the year end, at a pace determined by the Registrars progress.

Assessment of the Registrars progress is formalised every quarter with a mutually agreed (i.e. by the Trainer and the Registrar) assessment tool, incorporating feedback from the whole practice team. We hope to maintain a relationship with the registrar where feedback is given freely and constructively. We try to create an environment in which the registrar feels well supported and hence is comfortable to ask for help.